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The big four international industrial design works
  The second China (shenzhen) international industrial design at the end of the opening
  (reporter BaoWenJuan The correspondent Shi Wei) a great top industrial design products is approaching! Sponsored by the people's government of shenzhen, shenzhen industrial design industry association to undertake the second China (shenzhen) international industrial design exhibitions will be on November 29 in shenzhen convention and exhibition center hall 9. More international exhibition this year than last year, the pavilion seventy percent area of foreign exhibitors. This year's exhibition will display the four top award of international industrial design classic, and a new guest room area, discussion of shenzhen as the development of "a guest of the city".
  The exhibition area of 15000 square meters, will focus on display from 25 countries and regions more than 5000 pieces. It is worth mentioning that the second exhibition internationalization degree is higher, including foreign well-known design companies have 138, up 30% from a year earlier, 70% of the pavilion area. The spark award, Munich creative design week, Florence design week, Denmark special 40-yuan, Italian pavilion pavilion, etc. A total of seven international design exhibition. From Taiwan, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities in China for more than 60 design companies and agencies will also present their own masterpiece.
  In the international exhibition, visitors will see to the field of industrial design top IDEA, the IF, GMARK, spark awards for the big four classic appearance. Among them, the ultimate review of spark award in 2014 and the award ceremony will be held in shenzhen, the exhibition site, the awards ceremony was the spark award for the first time in the outside of the United States review and awards.
  In addition, there is a major bright spot is the world's most famous industrial design star KaiRuiM, seats, Italy talented designers demanded tests will be held in shenzhen in 2015, global product launch. KaiRuiM, mat is the industrial design legend in America today, he has more than more than 3000 design has been put into production, more than 300 awards.
  Intelligent wearable technology and hardware, open source and guest, mobile Internet products, intelligent life and creative home, is in the industrial design festival focused on important areas. Will be held during the exhibition, the global industrial design open innovation peak BBS, BBS themed "the future of wearable device" and open innovation roundtable and other activities in shenzhen.
Author: BaoWenJuan Shi Wei

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